Feb. 29-The Promise of a New Day: Patience

Patience is a particular requirement. Without it, you can destroy in an hour what it might take you weeks to repair.” -Charlie W. Shedd

‘Enjoying the moment, in its fullest, makes possible a patient and peaceful pace. Progress is guaranteed if our minds are centered, in the present, on the only event deserving of our attention. We can be certain that error and frustration will haunt us if our attention is divided.

Patience will see us through a troubled time, but how much easier it is to savor patience when it’s accompanied by faith. We know and fully trust that all is well-that our lives are on course-that individual experiences are exactly what we need at this moment. However, faith makes the knowing easier and the softness of a patient heart eases us through the times of challenge and uncertainty.”

“Patience slows me down long enough to notice another, and to be grateful for gifts of the moment. Patience promises me the power to move forward with purpose. Today’s fruits will be in proportion with my patience.”

Waiting for tomorrow is my first act of patience, for I always want to look ahead to “tomorrow’s” meditation reading. However, I chose not to peek to tomorrow in both The Promise of  a New Day and Inner Harvest. I will enjoy them tomorrow when I start off my day.

Hmm… patience. That’s a tricky one. I have found that one of my biggest struggles, right now, is my fear of lacking in growth and wanting to see the end. I am often afraid that I am going to go through all the pain of recovery to find that there is nothing on the other side.

But I totally believe that I need to work on my patience. I had been asked to reflect on how I am “getting better” or growing. I will post that list as well on a separate post.

I want to push through and get past the painful pieces of my recovery and because I am only in the beginning, almost every day hurts. I’m dealing with the emotions I’ve stuffed down for a majority of my life.

I guess I am experiencing growing pains. I will reread this post in the morning because I like the message and will apply patience to the remainder of my night and tomorrow morning. I will pray for patience.

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