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Try, try, try

This seems to definitely describe my life this past year. It gives me chills – P!nk is an amazing artist with brilliant recovery songs. Even if some are not specific to recovery, they have been inspiring during my recovery, getting sober, and living again.

Ever worry that it might be ruined. Does it make you want to cry? When you’re out there doing what you’re doing. Are you just getting by? Tell me, are you just getting by?

Where there is desire, there is gonna be a flame. Where there is a flame someone is bound to get burned. Just because it burns doesn’t mean you’re gonna die. You gotta up and try, try, try.



I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive
I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise
To fly, to fly

I wish today it will rain all day, maybe that will kinda make the pain go away
Trying to forgive you for abandoning me, praying but I think I’m still an angel away
Angel away, yeah strange in a way, Maybe that is why I chase strangers away
They got their guns out aiming at me, But I become Neo when they’re aiming at me
Me, me, me against them, Me against enemies, me against friends
Somehow they both seem to become one, a sea full of sharks and they all smell blood
They start coming and I start rising, must be surprising, I’m just summising
I win, thrive, soar, higher, higher, higher, More fire

I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive
I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise
To fly, to fly

Everybody wanna try to box me in, suffocating every time it locks me in
Paint their own pictures then they crop me in but I will remain where the top begins
Cause I am not a word, I am not a line, I am not a girl that can ever be defined
I am not fly, I am levitation, I represent an entire generation
I hear the criticism loud and clear, that is how I know that the time is near
So we become alive in a time of fear, and I ain’t got no motherfucking time to spare
Cry my eyes out for days upon days, Such a heavy burden placed upon me
But when you go hard your nay’s become yay’s

I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive
I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise
To fly, to fly, Get ready for it, I came to win
I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive
I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise
To fly, to fly

The Broken Ones

This song is very inspirational to me and often fills me with positive thoughts and motivation. It has gotten me through some very painful times. Sometimes, when I am driving in my car, I play it loudly, and sing to it, imagining all the people who have helped keep me alive, keep me going, keep me from not giving up.

And so it goes, the soldier knows the battle with the heart isn’t easily won

But it can be won.


My battle has been an ongoing war for the past four years. I’ve been struck down, many times, covered in the dirt and thirsty for pure water. Reaching out my hand, begging to be saved, I breathe and one step at a time, I lift myself up and push onward.

The past may be the past, but living in a constant memory is bringing me down. Fear of faith, fear of doubt, unable to manage present, unable to see the future. An unknown road, but no dead end sign keeps me moving forward.

This battle may be lost, but there’s still hope for victory in the war. Sense of failure, sense of heartache, but clinging tight to the breath of tomorrow. This dirt road is full of tragedy, but it’s also full of love and a fellow heartbeat pulls me along.

Scratches and wounds, open and wide keep me in a bad dream I often wish to forget. Fear of self, fear of memory, unable to forget, but unable to see. Those chains wrapped around a victim, but they are loose, fighting to keep going.

Forgiving eyes, comfort in words, I struggle to trust, and drown in uncertainty. Sense of imprisonment, but subtle sense of compassion. I look to my left, I look to my right, walking side by side, I trust and see a shadow of me, taking the shaken hand, I pull along.

That battle was fought, and mine bombs are still exploding. Some strike, some miss, as I walk down a street, walk past a house. I look to my right, a sense of silence, a sense of shame. With these soldiers, my fist rounds tense, pounds the door, breaks it down. A frozen girl, sad girl, fighting to be heard.

These arms sneak in, scoop her up. Sense of jailbreak, sense of pain. I carry her out, through the war zone, her eyes look up. Fear of belief, fear of alone. With her in my arms, I carry her along.

This unfinished battle, this ongoing war. Having been struck down, I am picked up, dirt washed off, hand grabbed, not letting go, saying “you will be saved”, I breathe as I am carried by each step forward, I carry on, not alone. We keep going.

The Fear

“Forget about guns and forget ammunition
‘Cause I’m killing them all on my own little mission
Now I’m not a saint but I’m not a sinner
Now everything’s cool as long as I’m getting thinner

I don’t know what’s right and what’s real anymore
And I don’t know how I’m meant to feel anymore
And when do you think it will all become clear?
‘Cause I’m being taking over by the Fear”

Not the best, encouraging song in the world, but most definitely how I feel right now. I feel crazy, confused, and completely crazy. Oh, look. I said crazy twice. I have feelings and thoughts that are throwing me for a tailspin. I am acting out, taking out my anger on people I love, tempting myself with drinks and drug thoughts, but I am not drinking because I am an alcoholic, so clearly, that’s good. I just feel like a loon and don’t know what to say right now. I just want to shut down, wall up, and block out people I care about (more like the group of people I care about)…I just feel myself checking out so maybe I will just be cold for a while.

Tied together with a smile

“Hold on, baby, you’re losing it
The water’s high, you’re jumping into it
And letting go… and no one knows
That you cry, but you don’t tell anyone
That you might not be the golden one
And you’re tied together with a smile
But you’re coming undone”

Good Behavior

I was frozen in a fragile world
Of make believe and empty lies
Dressed in the rules of a virtuous game
Captured by the thought of fear and loneliness
Afraid to cry suffocated for trying to scream
And I want out now to find myself
Cause perfect only makes you crazy
There is no way that it can save me
I’m sick of feelin like a traitor
Is this the price for good behavior
Oh my naked skin feels the warmth of the sun
And my eyes are opened to the brightness of light
Driven by a force so free to live this life
Noy paralyzed but with reckless abandon
So now I can breathe I wanted out to find myself