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It’s time for another ‘Seriously?!’

Welcome to another episode of “Seriously?”

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about all of the nonsense surrounding the allegations toward a certain comedian (hint — he’s known for his jello). The actual incident is not the nonsense I am referring to, but specific to how people are reacting to the plaintiff, specifically with victim-blaming.

Once again, I am not saying that one thing is true or not true, I am simply commenting on the reaction that is most recent from the media. And as a disclaimer, I do personally, work in the media field, but I am separating myself from my work, and opinion.

I’ll keep this brief. I just heard on the news that this comedian is saying he was wrong to be named and should have remained a John Doe until a court decided whether or not to have a trial. I’m not dissing the laws in California, which basically states that if someone comes forward, then the accusations remain with a pseudo name until it moves on legally.

OK, so here is my beef — I understand the law, and I am not saying it’s wrong or right, but seriously?? This comedian is now complaining, not that there are allegations against him, but the fact that his name was used, thus putting the blame back on the plaintiff.

All I’m gonna say is — seriously? Once again, when the media handles this coverage and the public is responding, it all comes back down to “slut shaming” or victim blaming. Seriously — can we not?!


Sexual assault claims in the media: What we’re doing wrong

There’s no way to shy away from claims that have come out in the media. Janice Dickinson, yes the crazy, self-titled “first supermodel” is alleging that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted her. I am not going to go into details about the actual claims, because that’s not part of the big picture.

Statistics and chart from Canadian's Women Foundation "Stop Vicim Blaming"

Statistics and chart from Canadian’s Women Foundation “Stop Vicim Blaming”

I’m truly sickened by the amount of backlash that has emerged from these allegations, not because I believe one way or another, but because we’re too busy making fun of Dickinson — she had too much plastic surgery, she’s crazy, she’s a drug addict so she doesn’t remember anything anyway, she is just interested in money and fame. These are all comments that have been posted throughout social media, including Buzzfeed, Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s the problem — who gives a fuck?! We are so busy poking and prodding at someone who is sometimes a train wreck, and forgetting the point: sexual assault. There are no excuses to why someone “should” be raped or assaulted. Nor is there any justified reason that Dickinson was “asking for it” or “just in it for the money and fame.”


This is why so many cases of sexual assault go unreported. Let’s be real here — everyone is so busy judging the woman, rather than focusing on the topic and what should be blown out of the water. Why not use this as a way to educate the public, stop victim blaming.

I don’t care if she was drunk or high out of her mind, half naked, or out of her mind. Sexual assault is serious and we are so consumed by making fun of the woman — despite whether the allegations are true. I’m not saying Cosby has done anything — I’m not saying he hasn’t. What I’m saying is why the hell is everyone so busy finding ways to excuse these claims, rather than really delving into what the claims are?IMG_2018

Celebrities are no different than us earth people. We’re all fucked up in some way; but that has nothing to do with anything that could or has happened to us. Back off the woman, and start talking about what really matters!

Facebook comments were retrieved from the public Buzzfeed Facebook Page.

Teacher caught on recording bullying a teen in class

I was at work and browsing the news in New Jersey. I came to a very appalling story about a teacher who bullied one of his special education students. Of course, with today’s technology and savvy teens, there’s no wonder that the episode was caught on cell phone video.

Teacher Bully (Video)

I find this extremely sad and enraging. I am personally an anti-bullying advocate, because I had my share of bullying in school. When I was in grade school, middle school, and high school, I was a victim of bullies, including a handful of teachers who seemed to get a thrill out of seeing me cry. Although it’s in the past, to this day, I find myself rapidly intimidated by people who are in an authority figure and who do not come across in a gentle way.

Although I am learning to speak up for myself I still have days where the wound still stings. So, here’s what I have to say about teachers:

I have been blessed to have some teachers/professors who have made a massive impact on my life. Some of them have changed my life; others played a support role or a safety place while in school. Teachers are meant to educate and encourage students.

There is already enough bullying today from peers and when a student is bullied by a teacher, where the hell are these students supposed to go for support?

This teacher is an asshole. One who has probably been bullied himself or has been through some horrible situation in life to give him the need to berate a student in a special education class.

The teacher states: “the world sucks. reality sucks.” which to a point, is true; but there is much joy and beauty in life that students and young adults need to know. We don’t need to be told how much honesty sucks. Do you not realize that many, many teenagers hate themselves?? Do you not realize that many youth cuts themselves? Suffers from eating disorders? Has substance abuse problems because they ALREADY think that “no one cares about them”?! Well that is false!

And I have to say: I care! I care about the hurting! I care that young people turn their confusion  and negative feelings against themselves! I care. So instead of being an bully; GROW UP! Give students a reason to hope in the world. Give students a place of safety!! Grow the hell up and realize that words can either build someone up, or completely tear them apart!