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Do you see this little girl?

945971_10151874063161477_2020789806_nLook at this little girl, the silly smile on her face
see her tiny dimples, and sunglasses perfectly in place
She’s only a young toddler, the entire world before of her
But if you knew the road ahead, your heart would become heavier

Do you see this little girl, innocent and small?
Her parents love all of her as they watch her learn to crawl.
She’s only a few years old, but has an old soul
Always laughing and playing, her future still untold

You focus on her smile and the light in her eyes
It’s hard to believe years down the road a darkness will rise
You couldn’t see the shadow, even if you wanted to
Inside this little girl, a disease began to grow

She will be bullied and taunted, pushed and shoved
Her heart will shrink and she’ll feel unloved
Her once loud laughter will shrink down to silence
Her bright smile will fade, and she’ll meet quiet violence

People won’t hear her, so she’ll turn inward with her pain
What used to beam sunshine, only storms inside and rains
Her hope will begin to dwindle as she slowly slips away
But it’s only going to get darker, from glitter to gray

She will find her way to fit in after yearning to be wanted
She takes her first sip of alcohol, takes sobriety for granted
Turning into the life of the party, she’s the center of all the jokes
She just wants to be loved, but people prod and poke

She’ll give up on trust and love by the time she’s nineteen
When a man twice as old as her gets on his knees
Her voice is gone, she can’t make a sound as she sits paralyzed
She turns to stone, gives him his way, and inside breaks and cries

By now she’s lost her faith in God and turns to worship booze
Now an alcoholic, she’s lost her ability to choose
Not long from now, it won’t be enough as she rolls a dollar bill
She’ll snort away her problems, as heroin moves in for the kill

Nothing takes away her despair, her stomach full of guilt
She throws up her food, her shame, the life she could have built
When puking isn’t enough, and starvation is the only way
She turns her brokenness inward, stops eating and fades away

Once a healthy baby girl, she is dying inside and hopeless
No matter how much weight is lost, all she see’s is ugliness
She screams and yells, but no one else can hear
So she runs to the blade and she slices and tears

This little girl, now 21, is hollowed out and empty
This shell of a woman, no where to go, steps on the stage for money
Do you see this dancing girl, a friendless and pained daughter
There’s no way out she’s become her own slaughter

Now rewind time, back inside the playpen, look at the girl there
You wouldn’t know by looking, but you can see me if you stare.
You see, I am this little girl, now grown up and fighting to live
While I can’t protect her, I can try to help her forgive

Nothing could have prepared her for the broken road ahead
But she needs you here, she needs you now, because she’s not yet dead
Listen to the little girl, and when she asks hold her hand
Because I am her, all grown up, and still need help to stand


Because I couldn’t cry

As I was driving down the road, from town to town, the ground became wet.
The sky, a bright blue, without a blemish supported the white and radiating clouds in the sky.
While I watched the road lines blur as they were eaten under my car as I drove by
Without a gray color in sight, it began to pour.
The skies opened, and the water fell, splashing drops on my windshield.
It was as if the sky was crying for me, because I couldn’t.

Invisible Scars

I am not sure the origin of this poem, or who to give credit to, but one of my subscribers, dedicated readers and friend sent this to my by a comment and I wanted to post the poem, for it speaks well.

Invisible Scars

I am asking for you to be gentle with me,
for I am healing from wounds
that you cannot see…

I carry the wounds deep in my soul
and only by loving (myself, others & God)
will I become whole.

So, if my walls ever seem too high,
please use compassionate words
to ask me why…

For I cannot grow if I hide from pain,
and by me risking being vulnerable
I trust, we will have much to gain.


I try to gasp for air, but the harder I try, the more my breath is stolen. I can try and listen to the music and let it soothe me. Sometimes, the right song fills me inside, and calms me; it speaks for me. Sometimes it even cradles me like a child.

I cannot say that I am at a loss for words; but I am at a loss. There’s a lot of confusion and emotion and it shakes me. I feel a chill of fear for something I cannot identify. There is a cold air that freezes me inside, exhaling frost. Where is the warmth that I felt not long ago?

I’m holding myself captive by the gnawing bite of memory. It makes me squirm, my stomach drops and the wind is knocked out of me. There is a loss of control, a silence. I didn’t stand a chance because I was taken over by liquid poison. The alcohol held me down, pinned unable to think; unable to choose.

I close my eyes and I envision liquor rain washing over me, pouring down, cleansing me from his taste. It burns.

Keep Running

No matter the pain that shakes your bones
bruising the heart by thrown stones
No matter the silence that’s sewn shut
the words drowned out; blood from cuts
No matter the fear that knocks at the door
the monsters you’ve hidden, never spoken of before

No matter the shame that leaves you hiding
the memories of the dark leaving you blinded
No matter the control that you feel you’ve lost
the right to choose taken, leaving a ghost
No matter the sting that pierces the mind
the voice yelling for you to find…

Keep going. Keep fighting. Keep hoping. Keep running.